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All children deserve a quality education with proficiency in academics. A journey that starts before high school.

Refocus on the basics: reading, writing, math, music, art, and the trades. We also need to focus on getting our children prepared to function independently upon graduation.  

  • Partnering with local businesses for apprenticeship programs – provide students with opportunities for career exploration pathways.
  • Prioritizing advance and dual credit programs – to gain head start in college courses.
  • Finance and money management classes – financial independence practices at a young age have a positive, long-lasting impact.

    Ensure all students have a safe place where they can achieve their full academic potential.

    All students should have a safe, respectable, and inclusive learning environment with an equal opportunity for academic equality.

    • Minimize the gaps in both student achievement and graduation regardless of race, gender, faith, sexual preference, and socioeconomic status.

      Returning students to full-day school, full-time, as quickly and safely as possible.

      Too many at-risk children have fallen behind over the last year due to school closures. Our children need to get back into a regular in-person, all-day school experience, including sports.  

      • Summer school programs to get students caught up and to fill in missing education gaps.
      • Mental and emotional health support and resources for students and families.

        Continued support for the School Resource Officer Program

        Families, students, and staff have overwhelmingly voted to keep SRO’s in schools.

        • Collaborate with school administrators, students, and staff to ensure schools are safe places to learn.
        • Students working with SRO’s at an early age removes the stigma of police officers.