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Why I Am Running?

As I walk by families at Bridgeport Elementary, I observe dynamics and hear conversations being translated by children for their parents and I am quickly reminded of my own childhood journey.  

I can relate to many families similar to mine. Learning English at a young age gave me the skills to interpret wherever possible.  First, with my parents in day-to-day life. Then as I got older, I found myself interpreting for strangers just so I could help.  My fathers jobs were limited to migrant field work and side work consisting of landscape projects, which brought in extra money for the household.  This was not much to support a family of eight. My siblings and I worked most of our teenage and young adult years to help my family earn extra income to support the household.  My senior year of High School my teachers would initiate conversations about my plans for attending college.  In truth, attending college was the furthest from my mind.  I could not look past the immediate need to help support my parents and siblings, financially.  

Many times these children are forced to leave school to translate and manage the household, or to be the principal caretaker of a younger sibling.  We can change this outcome and my goal is to help connect our students with resources for greater opportunities.  I am running for Tigard-Tualatin School Board position to lend a new voice for our growing community and to bridge the gap for our at-risk children. I am bilingual and bi-cultural and have the unique ability to bring communities together. I will use these strengths to lend a new voice to our growing community, connect our students with resources for quality education, bridge the gap for our at-risk children, and to add much needed representation of our community. Having lived these challenges, myself, I am committed to making a difference.

Please join me….